Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun – Third Edition


9” x 11” Hard Cover

Pages: 199

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ISBN: 978-1-54394-621-5

Learn about space weather and how the sun affects weather, technology,health and even earthquakes- at a level you can understand! Hundreds of the most-important scientific discoveries are now at the fingertips ready to be understood, and pieced into their rightful place in the bigger picture.

The field of solar-terrestrial physics is growing in depth and reach. Space weather has become a recognized actor in weather, long-term climate change, seismicity, technological performance and biology. Combined with cosmic rays from the galaxy and beyond, the light, particles and magnetic fields of the sun interact with various layers of the earth from the outer magnetosphere down through the ionosphere and atmosphere, and even affecting the crust, mantle and perhaps the core. This third edition of the literature review covers ~500 of the most-important studies describing the interactions of earth and sun, including a new chapter on extreme solar activity.

Chapter 1 – Space Weather

Chapter 2 – Solar Cycles

Chapter 3 – Introduction to Solar (Space Weather) Climate Forcing

Chapter 4 – Cycle and Pattern Modulation

Chapter 5 – It’s Electric

Chapter 6 – Space Weather, Human Health and Technology

Chapter 7 – Solar-Triggered Earthquakes and Location Forecasting

Chapter 8 – Extreme Solar Activity

Keywords: Solar, Space Weather, Climate, Cosmic Rays, Geophysics


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Ben Davidson

Have you ever wanted to understand how the sun affects our weather, long-term climate change, earthquakes and more, but didn’t want to spend years studying and reading thousands of papers? We did the hard work for you, and we simplified it to a level that any interested individual can engage.

With hundreds of new studies published on the sun-climate connection over the last decade, it is imperative that any meteorologist understand which forces on the sun cause their model errors and unexpected events. This book simplifies the latest advancements in understanding the sun-earth connection and will allow the reader to understand the direction of the field. From weather and climate change, to technological disruptions and earthquakes, understanding the forces acting on our world from the outside has never been easier with the Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun.

About The Author

Ben Davidson is the Founder of SpaceWeatherNews and The Mobile Observatory Project. Ben has two peer-reviewed works on solar-terrestrial physics, and produces one of the most-watched space weather programs in the world, with more than 75,000,000 views on the internet. Ben is credited with predicting a number of earthquakes in 2016 using signals of the earth’s and sun’s energetic interactions with the earth.

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