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Converging scientific and historical investigation has led to a new vision of the “Electric Universe” and a radical reconstruction of the past. According to proponents of this viewpoint, popular ideas in our cultures must now give way to a deeper appreciation of electrical phenomena and the vast record left to us by the ancients in their heavens-oriented petroglyphs, myths and symbols.

This 65-minute DVD, “Thunderbolts – The Tutorial”, introduces you to the key themes of the Electric Universe theory. This widely viewed video includes interviews with the principal figures in Electric Universe research wherein alternate and cogent explanations are given for the many marvelous phenomena in the heavens. Modern cosmology has ignored the pervasive role of electricity in astrophysics and has built up its system of understanding based on gravity and stars being powered by internal nuclear fusion. In order to address the many and blatant anomalies, modern astronomy has proposed sensational yet mind-boggling imaginary constructs such as black holes, dark matter and dark energy, etc. They have ignored the simple findings of quasars and redshift anomalies by their own dean of astronomy, Halton Arp, and buried his work under a storm of controversy.

Get introduced to the Electric Universe paradigm, a much simpler, more consistent, and more elegant system of understanding that is also buttressed by the testimony of the ancients.

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