Thornhill & Scott Lectures – DVD


Electric Universe 2012 Conference: The Human Story Conference Series

1: Donald Scott Lecture – The Electronic Sun

Retired professor of electrical engineering Donald Scott describes an analogy between observed solar activity and the well-known behavior of solid-state transistors. Astronomers have no idea what causes the fluctuations in the solar wind. The transistor analogy represents a simple and understandable mechanism, publicly presented for the first time at the EU 2012 conference.

2: Wallace Thornhill Lecture – Returning Science to Real Physics

Returning Science to Real Physics appeals to direct evidence and common sense. The Electric Universe paradigm requires a field of view much broader than that offered by specialized science, according to EU theorist Wallace Thornhill. A physicist and natural philosopher, Thornhill has spent decades questioning popular ideas about the physical world. In the past 15 years, he has laid a broad foundation for the Electric Universe understanding.


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Filmed by Ben Ged Low at the 2012 Electric Universe Conference: The Human Story.

(Approximately 1 hour 52 minutes.)

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