EU2012 Thornhill & Lucas Lectures – DVD


Electric Universe 2012 Conference: The Human Story Conference Series

1: Wallace Thornhill Lecture – Comets, Meteors and Asteroids

2: William Lucas, Jr Lecture – It is an Electric Universe After All

1. The Electric Universe paradigm is a shift in fundamental perception. It acknowledges the primacy of the electric force in nature and is inherently skeptical about gravity-only cosmology, standard relativity theory, and extravagant mathematical speculation. In its appeal to direct evidence and common sense it requires a broad field of view: the human story cannot be excluded.

A physicist and natural philosopher, Mr. Thornhill has spent decades questioning popular ideas about the physical world. In the past 15 years, standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, he has laid an interdisciplinary foundation for the Electric Universe paradigm. This lecture deals with the electrical properties of comets, meteors and asteroids and how these properties account for their surfaces, origin,  prevalence, and their interaction with the electrical environment of the solar system.

2. It’s now possible to describe a universal electro-dynamic force law that completes the goals of 19th century science, deriving gravity and inertia as electro-dynamic forces between neutral electric dipoles. This approach predicts more experimental phenomena, including the decay of gravity, than previous theories, and it offers a promising foundation for the unification of the theoretical sciences.

Dr. Lucas earned his doctorate in Intermediate Energy Physics from William and Mary in 1972. His important discoveries include a universal electro-dynamic force law and a new theory of elementary particles in terms of closed charge loops giving rise to improved theories of the atom, the nucleus and molecules.

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Filmed by Ben Ged Low  at the 2012 Electric Universe Conference: The Human Story.

(Approximately 1 hour 26 minutes.)

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