The Electric Universe

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The last 150 years have seen immense progress in understanding electrical phenomena, and we are seeing voluminous evidence of plasma and magnetic fields (always caused by electric currents) in space. Nevertheless, the conventional cosmology taught today remains essentially a theory based solely on gravity and nuclear fusion.

The Electric Universe introduces the universe that many in mainstream science ignore, and authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott offer a sweeping critique of today’s popular cosmology. They show that galaxies, stars (including our Sun), and comets can be best understood through the well-tested behavior of electricity—the one force about which astronomers seem to know almost nothing, a force that is 1036 or more times as strong as gravity.

Compelling, highly readable, and superbly illustrated, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to what will surely be the beginnings of a scientific revolution in the years ahead. The Electric Universe understanding eliminates the need for the highly imaginative, sensational yet logic-breaking constructs of black holes, dark matter and energy, and replaces them with laboratory demonstrated plasma phenomena.

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Thornhill & Talbott

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  1. Davidgee981 (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book that focuses on the main arguments of the electric universe theory. The theories advanced in this book are taken from real observations and results from real experiments. The photographs are impressive to say the least. Wallace Thorhill and David Talbott do a fantastic job of presenting the materials that I believe attract experts and novices to science, physics, and space exploration alike.

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