The Electric Sky


The Electric Sky book by Don Scott, a member of the group, is 256 pages of powerful material that introduces the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology. Dr. Scott is a retired professor of Electrical Engineering and he destroys the sensational and fantastical constructs of “gravity only” cosmology, replacing them with very lucid explanations of the electric sun and stars, as well as other astral phenomena.

The book contains sensible science for the experts written for the public, and represents the first substantial public exposition of the latest developments in the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology. The chapters in the book cover the history of EU/plasma cosmology, the electric sun in depth, Arp’s findings on redshift and the implications for quasars, galaxies, and gamma ray bursters.

Professor Scott gives a simple yet compelling electrical explanation for the solar magnetic polarity reversal, something that hitherto has been particularly baffling. A must read!


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Donald Scott

6” x 9” Paperback
Pages: 256
Full-color graphics

ISBN-13: 9780977285112
ISBN-10: 0977285111

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