Stars in an Electric Universe – DVD


Lecture by Wal Thornhill at the 2011 NPA conference

This is not just an excellent science lecture, it ranks as one of the most important indictments of current dogma ever delivered, with extensive ramifications for the entire field of physics. Thornhill’s message to conventional theorists is simple and direct: give up all mathematical contrivances and return to the solid ground of observation, deduction, and interdisciplinary synthesis. Based on more than four decades of systematic research, Thornhill’s exposition offers a practical way forward in the sciences, with a broad understanding of discoveries in the laboratory and in space.

A physicist and natural philosopher, Thornhill stands on the shoulders of Kristian Birkeland, Hannes Alfven, CER Bruce, Ralph Juergens. Donald Scott, and others. In this John Chappell memorial lecture, he sets forth a unified paradigm where plasma is the dominant, universal medium and electricity is the dominant force that rules the cosmos.

Stars in an Electric Universe will show you celestial spectacles with much simpler explanations, and insights into how stars are structured, why there are the different types, how sunspots are formed, why the “typical” or “normal” stable stars like our sun are able to control their radiant output while receiving a variable input of energy, the source of cosmic rays, and so much more.

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Wal Thornhill

(Approximately 1 hour 09 minutes.)

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