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This is a foundational documentary of an interview of David Talbott and Michael Armstrong as they introduce the reconstruction of ancient times. This reconstruction is built around the Earth’s association with Saturn as its original sun and “God” for the human race.

The interviewer takes the viewer on a “tour de force” by asking these two scholars many significant question as they mount a serious challenge to the idea of the uneventful Solar System. These question allow them to show the critical effect that the Saturnian configuration in the sky and the end of the Golden Age had on the development of early civilizations.

The interview explores the development of myth and its nature, touches on the development of rites, ceremonies, and holidays, and lays out the groundwork for understanding much of our symbolism. Ancient worship of the original sun-god has heavily influenced our major cultural aspects–religions, languages, customs–and significantly affected our human psychology, concepts of ourselves, and almost universal concepts of God.  The revelation of comparative mythology suggests that the concepts of the Devil and hellfire have their origin in the ancient cometary “sky dragon” and the chaos of the electrical discharge catastrophes.

The interview proposes that this subject is of enormous importance for everyone, and that it impinges on important and even ultimate issues. How can we develop meaningful understandings of the human condition, human possibilities, our future, if we are in denial of major aspects of our ancient world, the human past, the foundation for our modern thinking?


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