Polar Configuration – Women’s


The ancient Polar Configuration was a gathering of planets close to the Earth and stretching across the polar sky. Several Electric Universe proponents identify this configuration of planets as the celestial provocation for myths and symbols the world over. It’s dynamic evolution, they claim, provides a potential explanation for all of the mythic archetypes that have remained unexplained for thousands of years.

~David Talbott

In 1960 David Talbott started investigating the ancient literature of Mesopotamia and Egypt, and soon came to the conclusion that, in fact, Saturn had stood in the sky, ablaze like a sun, during an earlier period recalled by people of the second and third millennium BC.

Talbott concluded that, before about 3000 BC, Saturn had stood over the North Pole of Earth as an immense globe, connected to Earth with a stream of dust or water, with Mars in an intermediate position. The period of this polar apparition was universally remembered throughout the world as the “Era of the Gods.” During this time, Saturn ruled and man lived in paradise with the Gods. The closing of that time was mourned throughout the world and has shaped us ever since.

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