Phaethon: The Star that fell from the Sky offers the first book-length treatment of the Greek myth that stands as the classic exemplar of planetary catastrophism.  In addition to offering a detailed analysis of the testimony from ancient Greece, Phaethon also compares the Greek tale to analogous myths from around the globe, documenting remarkable parallels.  After a careful review of the evidence, the author argues that the Phaethon myth is best understood as an eye-witness account describing an extraordinary cataclysm involving the Morning Star.

Ev Cochrane is an independent researcher specializing in comparative mythology and one of the century’s most vocal proponents of planetary catastrophism.  Phaethon is the fifth book in a series attempting to reconstruct the history and astronomical context for a number of epochal disasters associated with the planets Mars and Venus.  Mr. Cochrane is a graduate of Iowa State University (1981), where he received a Master’s degree in science (genetics).

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Chapter One: The Story of Phaethon (4).

Chapter Two: Amerindian Parallels (11).

Chapter Three: Morning Star (20).

Chapter Four: The Star That Fell From The Sky (30).

Chapter Five: Falling Star (35).

Chapter Six: The Milky Way (38).

Chapter Seven: Aphrodite and Phaethon (48).

Chapter Eight: Adonis (51)

Chapter Nine: Aphrodite and Phaon (58).

Chapter Ten: Helel ben Shahar (65).

Chapter Eleven: Athtar (73).

Chapter Twelve: The Egyptian Morning Star (85).


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