Newton, Einstein and Velikovsky


Newton, Einstein & Velikovsky: Celestial Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Solar Instability & Cosmology is a soft cover book of 478 pages published by The Velikovskian in 2015, and contains a wealth of information gathered on the subject of celestial mechanics.

This book presents numerous forms of scientific evidence that indicate Immanuel Velikovsky was substantially right. Ginenthal shows that none of the fundamental concepts of celestial mechanics stands up to careful analysis. There are also presented scientific experiments published in peer-reviewed journals that show that electromagnetism is tied to the motions of the earth, moon, and sun. There is a great deal of interdisciplinary evidence that shows the orbit of Mars has changed recently and that Venus is a newborn planet.

With hundreds of footnotes from many diverse fields of study, Ginenthal ruthlessly tears away the edifice of modern cosmology and much of modern theoretical science, including theories of special and general relativity,, showing that these are hopelessly flawed. Those interested in a major understanding of the contradictions of modern theory are invited to learn how deeply modern science is mired, and how Velikovsky’s concept of electromagnetism helps resolve them.

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Published by The Velikovskian in 2015
Pages: 478


Charles Ginenthal is the author of Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky and The Extinction of the Mammoth., Pillars of the Past Vol 1-4, and co-author of Stephen J. Gould and Immanuel Velikovsky. He has published papers in the journals AEON, Meta Research Bulletin and The Velikovskian. He has also contributed to Proceeding of the Immanuel Velikovsky Centennial 1895-1995, just published. His work appears in ABA the Glory and the Torment The Life of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, written by Velikovsky’s daughter Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, Ph.D. He has also contributed to the book, Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, with distinguished authors as Robert Anton Wilson and William S. Burroughs. He has presented papers at both national and international conferences on Catastrophism and is the editor-in-chief of the journal The Velikovskian. He resides in Forest Hills, New York.

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