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In his most recent work, the late Dwardu Cardona offers a reconstruction of the cosmic events that led to the organization of the Solar System, adding notes on recent astronomical discoveries that lend support to this reconstruction.

In particular Cardona highlights the catastrophic repercussions following the gas giant Saturn’s intrusion into the Sun’s domain, bringing along with it our own planet Earth.  His analysis covers both the large scale slaughter of species and the beneficial effects from selective mutational evolution, including advances in the survival abilities of humans.

Among various other matters, what this also involved was the transmutation of vegetation which led entire societies to adopt farming in lieu of wandering in search of edible crops, a move that culminated in permanent settlements some of which eventually turned into major centers of civilization, even though it was not all that beneficial.

In the meantime, up in the sky a new cosmic body appeared in conjunction with Earth’s primordial sun which the ancients considered to have been the self-begotten daughter of their former sole divinity. This gave rise to diverse assessments concerning both the character and the involvement of this newly visible goddess in relation to what eventually became known as the Creation.

From an astronomical point of view, the plasmatic pinches that led to this equivocal situation are also discussed despite certain uncertainties that continue to litter plasma cosmology.

Mytho-historically speaking, it also indicates that God created woman long before he fashioned man.

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About the Author
Dwardu Cardona was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less than a year later, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the reconstruction of the Solar System’s cosmic history. He had, since then, acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical. He helped in the publication of the journal AEON from 1992 to 1994, and served as its Editor from 1995 to 2006. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and had acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology and Catastrophism Review, which is the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He had also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, most of them on the subject covered in the present book. He also lectured by invitation at the University of Bergamo, Italy, as well as at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England.

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