The Destruction of Baalbek – DVD


The Destruction of Baalbek
Ancient Destructions DVD Series Episode 4

(Approximately 45 minutes.)

Mankind has been repeatedly, significantly destroyed and reborn. Civilizations are everywhere buried under rubble. Ruins lie abandoned in the middle of deserts and rainforests. What happened? Modern scientific studies combined with research in archaeology and mythology are revealing dramatic new facts. The ascent and demise of nations are controlled by nature’s chaotic whims and does not lie under mankind’s own hand. Each episode visits an ancient site revealing the shattering events that altered the destiny of empires and nations. We will witness massive cataclysmic destructions unknown in modern times. Will they occur again? Can we prevent them?

The citizens of Baalbek feared the sky god Jupiter, but why? And who were the mysterious people the Dejanon who built Baalbek? Legend has it that they were half demon, half angel working under king Solomon. Yet this amazing citadel, built with massive one thousand ton blocks, repeatedly succumbed to ruination. Was Jupiter responsible for the earthquakes that laid it waste on numerous occasions? We investigate this amazing scenario.

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Peter Jupp is the author of the series. He is an Australian archaeologist with a passion not to follow traditions in archaeology. Peter does not think archaeology involves being ‘thrilled’ by dusting off broken pots and bones. What drives him is a passion to ask questions about civilizations and huge constructions that were suddenly smashed and just “disappeared” from the face of Earth. He also questions how cosmic interference from comets and other planets affected out planet.

Peter Jupp majored in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne and also attended the School of Creative Arts at Melbourne University where he studied film making techniques and production. Jupp’s inquisitive nature, and dedication to the mind’s love of logic and beauty has led him into an area of passion that seeks answers from many disciplines. Hence he has also studied Earth Sciences, Biology, Mythology and Art at a tertiary level.

In earlier years he studied Applied Chemistry at RMIT, and later lectured in Medical Imaging at the Sydney University School of Radiology. The resulting culmination of knowledge in areas such as magnetic phenomena, chemistry and biology, as well as ancient history and mythology, powerfully informs his unique slant on archeology.

This keen interest in the life sciences has given Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp an unusually broad based understanding of the human journey on our planet, and lends a fascinating edge to the storyline of his films. His sense of humor, musicality and creativity enrich these documentaries…. thus they are at once entertaining and informative, alternately seducing and provoking the viewer into fresh questioning of our human and cosmic history.

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