Cosmology Wars Volume 2 (PDF eBook)




“The Velikovsky Affair is one of the blackest episodes in the history of science. That it could have happened at all is disturbing, but that it happened in the 20th century, the age of science, and in America, the embodiment of modern science, indicates that at the heart of our culture lies a powerful panic-stricken irrationality which is not scientific but horrific. We think we live in an age of reason, but the ugly, demented events of the Velikovsky Affair scream out that beneath the very shallow surface of our alleged reasonableness there is a deep foundation of terror which makes us respond hysterically and with uncontrollable rage to any intimation that our world is not safe. That is the lesson the Velikovsky Affair teaches us. It is not the story of one man, or of one moment, or of one group. It is an insight into the dark, buried, instinctual region of fear that underlies the whole of Western culture.”

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Author: Charles Ginenthal

About 830 pages (2.7 MB) E-book PDF format

Essays by a number of very capable scholars, including Charles Ginenthal, Dwardu Cardona, David Talbott, Ev Cochrane, Lynn Rose, and Irving Wolfe, with an addendum by Theodore Holden.

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