Cosmology Wars Volume 1 (PDF eBook)



Dissection of the case which Carl Sagan and a number of other scientists tried to make against Immanuel Velikovsky beginning at the time of the meeting of the AAAS in 1974 dedicated to discussion of Velikovsky’s theories.


“Velikovsky noted, from one land to another, certain unique but repeated associations of Venus with well-known cometary images. Among the Mexicans, Velikovsky found, Venus was called a “star that smoked,” the very phrase which Mexican astronomy used to describe a comet. On the other side of the world, the Hindu Vedas depict Venus “like a fire accompanied by smoke.” “Fire is hanging down from the planet Venus,” states the Hebrew Talmud. To the Egyptians, Venus, as Sekhmet, was “a circling star which scatters its flames and fire.”

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Author: Charles Ginenthal

About 430 pages (1.0 MB) E-book PDF format

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