Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter


Author: Donald E. Scott

A straight-forward application of basic electrical definitions and one of Maxwell’s divergence equations provide an extension of the Bessel function model of force-free, field-aligned currents (FAC). This extended model offers descriptions of the charge density, electric-field strength, velocity profile, and voltage profile, each as a function of radial value, r, within the cross-section of the FAC structure. The resulting model exhibits an obvious correspondence with the results of the Marklund convection process in plasma filaments. Most importantly, it shows that observed stellar velocity profiles in galaxies are now accurately predicted without invocations of Dark Matter, WIMPs, or MACHOs.

YouTube video link – Dark Matter? No. Birkeland Currents? Yes! | Space News

SAFIRE, Electric Universe, Electric Sun, Plasma 

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Kristian Birkeland’s hypothesis [1] that Earth’s auroras are powered by electric charges flowing from the Sun was shown to be correct in the late 1960’s [2]. Since that time there has been a growing interest in the exact structure of those streams. What are the precise shapes and physical properties of these currents that cascade down into Earth’s polar regions? NASA calls them “magnetic flux-ropes”. A more proper name is Birkeland Currents [3]. The general form of those tube-like flux-ropes is best visualized as being a set of concentric, counter- rotating, cylinders made up of various electric currents and magnetic fields…

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