Axis Mundi


The world tree, cosmic mountain and a celestial eclipse converge in a mythic alignment that appeals to a fundamental mystery.

This universal story of the Axis Mundi finds a diverse array of visual interpretations that attempt to account for its strange presence in the human world. Its numerous distinct interpretations are represented by the luminous dendritic branching, all of which tell a different story of a single occurrence from a unique perspective.

Perhaps these global stories can finally become complete and coherent through the investigations into the Electric Universe and plasma behavior. The world tree itself strives toward the truth at the root of the myth: a revelation that will completely eclipse all previous descriptions. Something that until now has lied hidden in the vast depths of space…



Each of the pieces in this collection are available in;

– Gallery wrapped canvas over a 1″ frame
– Archival Paper

Giclee (pronounced Gee’clay) Print on Archival or “Acid-free” paper addresses the problem of preserving documents and artwork for long periods.

Please allow extra time for printing and shipping on all art.

Gallery Wrap
Dimensions = 36″H x 21″W x 1″
Gallery Wrap on 1″ stretcher bars

Archival Paper
Dimensions – 24″H x 16″W
Giclee Paper (pronounced Gee’clay)

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Gallery Wrap, Archival Paper


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