After School of Athens, Worlds in Collision


Artist Rikki Kim Stiltner has created the painting “After School Of Athens, Worlds In Collision” based on Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds In Collision and symbols from The Thunderbolts Project and the Electric Universe.

Rikki has borrowed from Raphael’s 16th-century fresco “School Of Athens” as the setting for her rendition. The School of Athens was founded on intellectual thoughts and observations of Aristotle and Plato, which now becomes the setting for new and sometimes shocking evidence of our universe created and perpetuated by the forces of electricity and evidence of observations by our ancestors of cataclysmic events in earth’s skies.

Beneath Raphael’s grand hall of arches walk Nikola Tesla and Wal Thornhill, replacing Aristotle and Plato. Tesla, the father of electrical applications, and Thornhill, one of the developers of the Electric Universe Theory and Scientific Adviser to The Thunderbolts Project, are greeted by Raphael’s original figures of antiquity, as though two distinct worlds of thought have merged. Don Scott balances Venus between Saturn and Mars and replaces one of the scholarly figures of the School of Athens. Seated by the stone table, Dave Talbott, Director of The Thunderbolts Project, replaces Michelangelo. He like Michelangelo muses over the mysterious wonders of a newly evolving universe. Immanuel Velikovsky replaces the figure on the staircase. He sits in the same relaxed manner contemplating his original book, Worlds In Collision. The removal of his shoes is the Artist’s way of saying that this man and his theories are here to stay.

Bruce Mainwaring, an early and longtime supporter of The Thunderbolts Project and EU Theories, replaces the prominent figure poised on a marble stone, holding a large book for which the Artist has written reference to the EU2016 Conference.  At the entrance of the hall is Susan Schirott, Conference Director.  She replaces another of Raphael’s figures in posture. Ben Ged Low, professional video film producer for the EU, records this grand occasion and is seen to the right of Tesla. To the far right of Ben is Monty Childs, director and chief engineer of the SAFIRE Project.  He is looking up toward the statue Zeus with thunderbolt.  And to the far left corner of the painting, replacing a kneeling figure, is W L Morgan, physicist for the SAFIRE Project. He investigates the amazing electric plasma discharges represented behind him and on the board in front of him and holds a scientific lab notebook, showing specific notes and diagrams of the SAFIRE Project.

The Artist has included a portrait of herself in like manner of Raphael’s inclusion of his self-portrait in his School of Athens.

As a spectator of After School of Athens, please enjoy the painting with an open mind and light-hearted spirit.



This piece is available in;

  • Canvas print – 18″H x 24″W rolled $65.00 (Shipping Included)
  • Giclee print – 36″H x 48″W rolled $450.00 (Shipping included)

Available by special request;

  • 18″H x 24″W – Canvas print stretched over a 3/4″ frame. $140.00 (Shipping additional)
  • 18″H x 24″W – Vinyl coated, on a ridged backing, ready to frame. $85.00 (Shipping additional)
  • Original 36″H x 48″W piece is available, send inquiries to

On these two options, shipping will be calculated based on destination. Send an email to “Contact@stickmanonstone” for further details.

Please allow 2 -3 weeks for printing and shipping on all art.


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Weight 10 oz
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Canvas (Rolled), Giclee (Rolled), Vinyl (Mounted), Canvas (Stretched)


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