Stephen Hawking Smoked My Socks


Why did Stephen Hawking become so famous? What exactly brought world renown to Albert Einstein? Why are those particular individuals household names across the globe whilst other achievers are not; why have they become icons to rival film stars; and why they are adored and protected by a fiercely loyal fan base? In Stephen Hawking Smoked My Socks, Hilton Ratcliffe seeks out the answers to those questions, and discovers that they have nothing at all to do with science.

This book is about the power and influence of belief in creating our opinions, and the manifestations of polarizing conflict between belief and instinct in the development of our mindset. Ratcliffe does not write not write about his own scientific theories, or promote his personal models of the Universe.
He is not proposing an alternative model of anything. Stephen Hawking Smoked My Socks humbly exposes the insidious control exercised by the scientific elite (of which he was once part), and offers instead a method of enquiry that favors objectivity in all our endeavors to illuminate truth.

Against the backdrop of his own worldview as a philosophical astrophysicist, Hilton Ratcliffe:

  • Examines Dr. Hawking’s career and what he achieved.
  • Describes the empirical scientific method, exposing its inherent weaknesses and how its theoretical conclusions lead to the so-called standard models.
  • Investigates the nature of belief and the influence of dogma.
  • Illuminate the synergy between skepticism and pragmatism.
  • Drills down into defensive social groups, including sects, gangs, cults, conspiracies, and the scientific elite.
  • Reveals the territorial imperative as the primary instinctual driver of human behavior; and finally,
  • Offers a solution to all these dilemmas—an investigative method called scientific pragmatism.

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